What is MICR Toner?

MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner used by banks and other businesses who print sensitive documents or checks using high speed magnetic equipment.  MICR toner is read by these sensitive machines especially when it is arranged in a specific syntax or pattern like the information found on a check such as a routing number, account number or check number.  The MICR printing process is used to ensure individual security as well as bank security.

MICR toner is magnetically charged so the reader-sorter equipment can recognize each character’s unique shape.  These unique characters are basically modern day fingerprints to help prevent fraudulent practices that impact the economy.

Do all banks require the use of MICR toner ink when depositing a check?

Today, compliance with ANSI standards is voluntary for each bank; however, the U.S. banking industry considers these standards the definitive basis for judging the quality of a MICR document. Even though most banks require the use of MICR toner ink when creating a check for deposit, not all banks do. If you don’t use MICR toner, you might get charged a service fee or delay the processing of your check even if your bank does not require you to use MICR. Therefore, to avoid these delays and fees we recommend that all of our clients print checks using the MICR toner ink. Remember, even if you deposit the checks into a bank that doesn’t require MICR, the check may be transported to another bank or processing center which does require MICR.

Can I switch my standard non-MICR toner cartridge with a MICR toner cartridge each time I create a check?

No. In fact we discourage our clients from switching the cartridges in and out, due to the fact that this increases the risk of damaging the cartridges. Most toner cartridges are sensitive to light and may deteriorate when removed from the printer. They are not built for constant handling and are prone to break when inserted and removed repeatedly.  The image drum is not intregal to the cartridge on some printers. On those, you would have to vacuum the printer so you would not leave non magnetic toner in the machine which could be deposited on the first few checks. Our MICR toner cartridges yield the same number of pages as a non-MICR cartridge. You can print all your black & white documents using the MICR toner cartridge. There is no difference in appearance between the ink printed onto a sheet of paper.

Why should you choose a Flex Brand MICR Toner Cartridge over Our Competitor?

  • Flex Imaging has manufactured cartridges locally since 1984, with high quality control standards and an emphasis on environmentally friendly manufacturing.
  • Flex brand offers you the best value using the best quality MICR toner at the best price SAVING YOU MONEY.
  • We can deliver quality MICR toner to you whether you are in the Atlanta metro area or nationwide.
  • Flex brand compatible laser toner cartridges carry an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
  • You receive FREE onsite troubleshooting if necessary with Flex brand cartridges.
  • Flex brand compatible toner cartridges create local manufacturing & other related jobs.
  • Flex brand compatible toner cartridges create a demand for recycled products – reducing landfill waste.
  • Flex Imaging offers discounted high volume pricing.

Example:  If you purchase two MICR cartridges a month from a competitor for $700, you will spend $8,400 in 12 months just for supplies.  If you purchase two Flex brand compatible toner cartridges at $500, at the same intervals you will spend $6,000.  This provides a savings of $2,400 for 12 months.  Imagine how much you will save by multiplying that amount by the number of printers you have in your office!

What Makes Our Products Different?

Our level of commitment to our manufacturing and testing procedures are what makes us so confident in the Flex brand MICR toner cartridges.  This is why the Flex supplies are supported by our 100% lifetime guarantee.  If for any reason your Flex Imaging brand toner is defective, we will replace it at no charge!

flex toner guaranteed for life