Scanning Made Simple to Increase Productivity

Do you face overwhelming amount of paper and electronic information?  Because Flex Imaging is a certified HP partner, we are able to offer the HP Capture and Route for your scanning solution.  This product makes it easy for you to manage, update, and store your information accurately and efficiently.

document scanning made simple to increase productivity
With HP Capture and Route, scanning your document is as easy as one-button to capture a document and route it to where it’s needed. Now documents can become more accessible and easier to find, distribute, and track.  This increases productivity and streamlines processes, while supporting record retention, document security, and privacy requirements.

Scan documents quickly and accurately

Scan documents and easily share content to back-office applications and online destinations, including Microsoft® SharePoint®.  Simply press a button and information is captured and automatically routed to the desired destinations.  Many times no end-user training is necessary, but don’t worry, Flex Imaging provides a training session for your employees. You can also create routing rules at the desktop or MFP and customized buttons will be ready for use at the device.

Realize quick return on investment

  • Reduce printing and shipping costs
  • Eliminate dedicated fax lines
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Save money on facility fees for document storage and retrieval

Upgrade and Scale Easily

Implement HP Capture and Route in one department, and then expand across the business as needed for your scanning needs. This solution is supported by HP Web Jetadmin and integrates seamlessly with HP Access Control for authentication, authorization, accounting and secure pull printing.

Why choose an HP Specialist? HP has the widest selection of printing and imaging products in the industry, backed by 20 years of experience and over 250 million printers sold. Not only do HP printers generate high-quality documents and photos, but they remain on the cutting edge of efficiency and cost-savings.