How to choose the best cheap toner cartridges.


laser toner guaranteed for life atlantaWhat kind of warranty does the company offer on their toner cartridge?  Is it 30, 60, 90 days?  Perhaps they offer as much as a year?  The longer the warranty the more confidence the company has in their product.  If they are willing to stand behind it for the life of the product and replace it free of charge you know you are getting the best possible toner cartridge available.


flex imaging customer service

So many companies put up an online store and let you do the shopping with little to no assistance.  What if you don’t know what kind of toner you need for your printer?  It’s relatively easy to figure out what kind you need if you physically drive to a store with your existing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner in hand and ask them.  They will most likely sell you the exact same kind (saving you no money) or their big box store brand that may save you a little money.  That is of course assuming you get lucky and talk to a knowledgeable clerk at the store.  Many times their knowledge has to cover the wide variety of products in the entire store so their knowledge on printer toners and inks could be very limited and you still may end up with the wrong product.  You want to purchase your toner cartridges from a company who specializes in toners, inks, printers, printer repair, etc. and who offers customer service so your questions (should you have any) will be answered.  That way you know you are getting exactly what you need for your printer.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of varieties of printers made by over twenty popular manufacturers. No big box store can keep all toners in stock for this many printers.  Even companies specializing in toners and inks can’t keep every item in stock.  The specialized toner companies DO have an advantage in being able to get products to you more quickly that big box stores if you need a specialized toner or ink.


If you are having issues you want to know you can ask your supplier for advice and they will give you an honest answer, not just try to sell you more products.  

Finally, you want to purchase your toner cartridges from a company you can trust. If you are having issues with your toner cartridges, print quality, printer, etc… you want to know at the end of the day you can ask your supplier for advice and they will give you an honest answer, not just try to sell you more products.  So many times a printer just needs a good cleaning, but the owner is talked into purchasing a new machine because they are relying on the advice of someone they think they can trust.

The hundred dollar question is how do you find someone you can trust to give you this advice?  One way is word of mouth.  Who do your friends, family or co-workers use?  You can also check for yourself.  If your printer is working fine, no print quality issues, no jamming, etc… put the technician or company you want to use to the test.   The technician at this company should not find anything wrong if your printer works fine.  If you can’t get on-site printer service free of charge, you can more than likely take it to their location for a check-up.  You may have to pay a small fee, but isn’t peace of mind knowing you will be able to trust your technician, toner supplier worth it in the long run?


Warranty, Customer Service, Inventory, Trust:  These are 4 of the things you want to research when purchasing the best cheap toner cartridges for your printer.