What exactly is MPS (Managed Print Services) and which model is best for you?

For many years now MPS (Managed Print Services) has been a common offering in the marketplace to businesses everywhere.   But what exactly is MPS and which model is best for you?  First it is important to understand that all MPS (Managed Print Services) offerings are not equal.  The depth of service included with any MPS program is solely dependent on the capabilities of the provider.  For instance, many companies within the printer service industry utilize distributor or “disti” based programs.  These programs are essentially managed by the distributor which could potentially translate into poor or limited service response.  Many of these programs are solely focused on the supply aspect of MPS and ignore the service element altogether.
Alternatively there are MPS (Managed Print Services) programs that offer more complete solutions that eliminate the customers need to respond to any printer based issues.  These types of MPS solutions actively monitor their customer’s devices for both supply and service fulfillment needs.  Many of these types of providers go a step further by offering QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews).  During these reviews the provider will share information, such as usage by department, device or users, and help to identify possible areas of improvement.  These partners are usually well versed in popular printer models and are aware of the most efficient and cost effective devices to deploy, which can become a very valuable asset to your company.
Now back to the original question, “Which MPS model is best for me?”  The short answer to that question is, it really depends on your organization’s needs.  For example if your company has a large IT staff to handle internal customer needs then you might be perfectly happy with a supply based solution.  This model will still provide you with a competitive and fixed cost per page as well as the usage data by device.  However if your operation does not have a large IT support staff, then the all-inclusive model which also proactively handles service needs in conjunction with supply fulfillment, may be the most beneficial program to seek.
Regardless of the approach you choose, rest assured that implementing an MPS (Managed Print Services) program does provide real benefits to any business.  Both models will help you to manage supply inventory more effectively and provide real usage data for your print fleet.  These attributes will allow you to keep your costs per page competitive and make informed decisions about the printers you deploy throughout your company.  So if you haven’t made time to explore implementing a MPS program make sure to add it to your project list!