Team Members

Don Hester
Don HesterFounder / COO
As COO, Mr. Hester provides oversight for all of Flex Imaging’s Operations.  Prior to founding Flex Imaging, he served with Milner Business Products and Lanier Worldwide in numerous sales & management roles.  Mr. Hester obtained his B.B.A from Georgia State University.  He currently resides in Woodstock, GA with his wife & two kids, Hannah & Garrett.  In addition to spending time on his farm and building things with his hands, he enjoys adventure sports including snow skiing, sailing, scuba diving, paintball and raising teenagers.
Jim Ward
Jim WardFounder / CEO / CFO
As CEO / CFO Mr. Ward is responsible for strategic direction and financial oversight for all of Flex Imaging’s business units. Prior to founding Flex Imaging, Jim spent a couple of years in the south trying to find a job near his parents and in-laws.  He preferred the warmer climate to the bitter cold winters of New York.  He served in several capacities at Xerox Corporation, but was unable to find the job of his dreams so he decided he would become self-employed.  (Or as his wife said… permanently unemployed.)   He is an avid golfer, photographer and fisherman, currently resides in Waleska, GA with his wife, Jean, and dog, Maya.  They have three children, Matt, Jessica and Holly.

Flex Imaging has been serving the public for over 30 years!

We contribute our success to our relationships with our customers.

Our Valuable Team Members

Mike Callahan
Mike CallahanVP Operations
Mike Callahan has his hands full keeping track of the service technicians and the warehouse. He’s the McGyver of Flex because he can fix just about any printer problem with a piece of chewed gum and paperclip. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure he uses real parts if he has to work on yours.
Gabi Rican
Gabi RicanDirector of Information Technology
Gabi oversees the development, implementation, and use of technology throughout Flex. We don’t have a blue pill or a red pill, but we have Gabi. He’s the behind the scenes guy that works on not only our technology, but yours too!
Tony Davis
Tony DavisSenior Account Manager
Tony develops and maintains key accounts offering solutions for print management, printer hardware, tablets, printer service and supplies. You can always reach him because he has two phones.
Carlos Ibarra
Carlos IbarraSenior Account Manager
Carlos assists customers to understand their printing environment and find ways to optimize it, reducing costs where possible and improve workflows.  In other words – he makes sure they get great service at a great price.
David Asencio
David AsencioAccount Manager
We love David’s enthusiasm and so do our customers.  He’s always got a smile on his face.  Now we just need to get him in front of a camera!
Joyce McCoy
Joyce McCoyOffice Manager
Joyce is our Gal Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc… She keeps everyone in line, making sure expense reports are complete and in on time.
Claudia Rodriguez
Claudia RodriguezOperations Assistant
Claudia works for Mike Callahan and is very quiet.  But don’t eat any of her cooking – she’s strictly a take-out kinda girl!
Matt Ward
Matt WardAdministration
Matt has worn many hats here at Flex so he knows the ins and outs of the company.
Rasheed Hammond
Rasheed HammondMPS Administrator
Rasheed not only has skills in the printer industry – he’s a fitness junkie! He even sits on a big ball here at the office while he’s at his desk.  That’s commitment!
Randall Love
Randall LoveCustomer Service & Printer Tech
Randall comes to us with a background in printer repair and customer service.  You are going to be seeing a lot of him… (especially once we get a picture of him!)
Lee Glidewell
Lee GlidewellCertified Service Technician
Lee is one of the expert technicians that services and repairs the devices for Flex. You may have noticed his muscles… that’s because he’s a personal trainer in his free time.
Michael Schofield
Michael SchofieldDelivery and Customer Service
Michael runs parts and toner cartridges to clients when they need them. He likes to read and talk to his plants. Don’t worry – he’s normal – he talks to people too.
Todd Winstead
Todd WinsteadCertified Service Technician
Todd and the other techs have almost all the printer parts and toner models memorized.  If you need to know which toner your printer needs, chances are Todd can tell you, if not Mike, Carlos and Lee could too. 
Matt Hutchins
Matt HutchinsWarehouse Operations
Matt is new to the Flex family and works side by side with Mike Callahan shipping orders. Matt is the organizer of the company – he whipped the warehouse in shape for us.  Who knows, he might come organize your house if you ask him nicely.
Edward Galloway
Edward GallowayWarehouse Operations
Edward knows his way around the warehouse and works with the staff that manufactures the Flex brand toner cartridges. When Edward isn’t helping Flex, he’s a full-time student.
Julee Hester
Julee HesterCompany Photographer
Julee takes the company photographs. We always try to have a smile on our face when Julee’s around because we never know when she’s going to snap a picture!