What are some of the current myths surrounding MPS?

When people and businesses think about MPS (Managed Print Services) they usually think about the three Cs… (Costly, Complex, Contract). The three Cs are some of the main myths surrounding MPS. Sure, some MPS programs out there in the market are costly, complex to implement and require a long term contract, but not all MPS programs are the same. Here is a closer look at these “myths” and the reality behind them:

Myth: It is expensive to implement an MPS program.
Many companies out there promote a “hardware centric” MPS program, meaning let’s replace all of your existing equipment and bring in new equipment and cover it under an MPS program. Yes, with this type of hardware centric MPS you are looking at an expensive implementation. Fortunately not all MPS programs are “hardware centric”.

Reality: Implementing an MPS Program does not have to be expensive.
Other companies take a different approach at implementing an MPS program. Instead of replacing all of your existing equipment they actually work with most of it and cover it under an MPS program. With this type of MPS implementation you virtually incur no additional cost to implement it making it an affordable option for you and your business.

Myth: It is complex and resource intensive to implement an MPS program.
An MPS program can be as complex or as simple as you want it. Some companies only offer complex programs that will take a lot of your time and resources and due to the complexity of the implementation might make MPS look like a bad option for you.

Reality: Implementing an MPS program can actually be very simple and require minimal resources. Other, more flexible companies will talk to you and work with you on making the MPS program as simple as possible. In some instances the only time that you will need to invest into the program will be the time it takes to install the DCA (Data Collection Agent) which will not take more than 15 minutes. Everything else is done by your partner for you.

Myth: To implement an MPS program I am required to sign a long term contract.
Many companies do require a long term contract, some out there don’t.

Reality: To implement an MPS program you are not required to sign a long term contract. Companies that are comfortable and confident on their MPS program don’t need to lock you in with a long term contract; instead they offer a month-to-month Service Level Agreement (SLA). If their MPS program doesn’t meet your expectation you can cancel it at any time without any penalties or cancellation cost making an MPS program an easy in and easy out option for you.

So these are some of the myths surrounding MPS that make most people stay away from it. Now that you know the reality behind them is implementing an MPS program an option for you and your business? If you have any questions or are interested on an MPS program as an option to manage your printer fleet please don’t hesitate on contacting us, we are here for you!