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How can Managed Print Services Help You?

If “Printer Technician” has become a new title at your company, perhaps you need to talk to us. Managed Print Services are printing services optimizing infrastructure, manages your office environment and improves workflow.  Managed Print Services (or MPS) can also reduce your overall printing costs. Flex Imaging has worked with businesses for over 30 years helping them save money by putting their printers on “Autopilot” with our managed prints services, recycled toners and other office print device services.  Contact us today to see why once they become our clients they never leave.

Before starting any cost reduction or process improvement initiative, you need to have a clear understanding of your current print environment.  In order to accurately determine your printer inventory and usage, Flex Imaging utilizes an application that polls your networked printers and print devices.  This software provides us with all pertinent information related to your networked printers such as IP address, make and model number and usage.  We often find prospective clients are surprised by how many printers and print devices they actually have in production.  Depending on your time and availability we also prefer to perform a physical walk-through to itemize all devices, network and local connectivity.  After collecting this data we will have a much clearer picture of your current situation allowing us to devise a custom Managed Print Services program to manage your print device fleet much more efficiently!

Now that you have a strong understanding of your printers and print devices we can implement an MPS (Managed Print Services) program that will reduce the long-term costs associated with managing your printers.  Foremost we will work with you and your team on devising a standardization of devices moving forward.  This will eliminate costly unnecessary purchases.  By standardizing, you can insure the lowest possible Cost Per Page rates which translate into long-term savings.  During this phase we will also pinpoint printers that are not being utilized effectively.  This will come in handy during the next phase of the implementation and management of the program.

Using the data collected and observed during the Control phase, we will begin to optimize your environment.  Flex Imaging does this by assisting our prospective clients on how to remove redundant printers and “right-size” their environment.  “Right Sizing” is an industry phrase that simply means we move devices with lower Cost Per Page (CPP) rates to areas that print high volumes with higher CPP rates.  By performing this simple task and dependent of your environment this step could save your company substantial money.  Further savings can be attained by removing redundant printers with little or no monthly print usage and shifting those print jobs to lower CPP rate networked devices.

The final and continuous phase of our program is enhancement.  Your print environment and business workflows change, so your document production methods should improve as well.  At Flex Imaging we believe by working with you and your company’s teams to identify areas of improvement essential for long-term efficiency within your print environment.  Some additional enhancements may be to add more Multi-Function Printers (MFP) so your employees will have more functionality at their fingertips or possibly implementing document workflow solutions that will reduce the overall need for print based jobs.

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    Managed Print Solutions

    What Else?

    Flex Imaging offers online reporting for customersthat allow users to quickly and easily create useful reports they can export whenever they want to see exactly which printers are being utilized the most, and the costs associated with them. But that’s not all, when you sign up for Flex Imaging’s National Managed Print Services, you have access to Georgia’s Elite team of HP partners.

    • HP partners for  Document Solution and Managed Print Specialist
    • One of only four companies on the State of Georgia’s Authorized HP Reseller’s list.
    • Growing real partnerships with our customers has been and will continue to be key factors to our success.
    • Your business’s needs are unique.  We create a solution to each customer’s needs and goals.
    • Whether your business has 5 or 5000 employees, our products and solutions are adjustable and we have the capability to meet your needs.
    • 30 Years of experience!

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