Managed Print Services

Education Solutions

Your imaging and printing environment presents an opportunity to reduce costs from improved fleet management through to better workflow design. Flex Imaging is now an official HP Business partner for the State of Georgia, headquartered in the Atlanta metro area.

As an HP Business Partner with years of experience providing custom managed print services and solutions to public and private educational institutions, Flex Imaging can help to dramatically reduce printing and imaging costs—while providing higher quality services to students, faculty, and administrators.

If you want to gain control over the ever increasing print costs, introduce environmental sustainability practices, provide better imaging solutions for your staff and students as well as free your IT resources from the burden of maintaining a fleet of print devices, consider Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services makes printing easier and more reliable for students and staff, enabling them to print, scan, and copy documents where and when they need to, with better quality and convenience.

Flex Imaging has worked with all types of education institutions to assess existing environments and design, implement, and manage campus-wide printing services. We can help you to:

  • Increase utilization of existing assets
  • Track usage by department and/or individual
  • Determine the right balance and placement of printing and imaging devices
  • Dramatically cut printer maintenance, help desk, network management and IT support
  • Protect against unauthorized use and automate cost recovery through PIN or card swipe
  • Consolidate vendor management
  • Increase recycling and reduce energy use

Institutions of higher learning spend an average of 9.94% — or nearly 10% — of their annual budget on document production.

Flex Imaging’s Managed Print Services (MPS) can help uncover and take advantage of opportunities that will save time and money, improve cost recovery, and enhance student, faculty, and administrator productivity.  Flex Imaging uses a proven end-to-end methodology to help you:

  1. Assess your current document production environment.
  2. Design an integrated document strategy that fits your needs.
  3. Implement the solution.
  4. Measure results and manage the ongoing project.

Managed Print Services for Education

Let the experts at Flex Imaging help you take control of printing and imaging and document management across your campuses. Our flexible, phased approach ensures that solutions and services fit your institution, are implemented at your pace, and deliver measurable gains as you move forward.

Phase 1: Manage

Lack of printer supplies cause student and staff frustration. Irregular maintenance can cause equipment breakdowns and shorten life spans. Flex Imaging managed print services handle every aspect of preventive care, supplies, onsite repair, and help desk support—all for one low, cost per page.  No contract, no set-up fees, no minimums. Secure technologies track all printing campus-wide, with details by department, location, machine and even by student/user. Remote monitoring enables us to proactively maintain and supply all owned and leased devices. One call to Flex Imaging dispatches a technician.

Phase 2: Optimize

With different departments responsible for different types of copiers, printers and fax machines, the result is often redundant devices and duplicated costs. Flex Imaging will assess all existing devices and usage patterns to develop and roll out a balanced and optimized deployment. We help you make the most of what you already have, re-positioning existing equipment to high-demand locations and adding newer printers or multifunction systems when and where it’s appropriate.

Phase 3: Improve

You can expect our focused attention on the specific document management needs in education from Flex Imaging just as your students and faculty expect focused attention on their needs. From enrollment services to human resources to advancement, Flex Imaging develops education specific solution. Document management and workflow solutions include:

  • Records and information management
  • Document capture solutions that convert paper documents to an intelligent digital format using HP Capture and Route
  • Electronic content management systems that create a searchable repository of scanned documents
  • Document workflow solutions to optimize administrative processes