What is Fleet Management?

Many companies have copiers, multi-function printers and stand-alone laser printers.  While these devices all produce a printed page, they are usually managed differently in most organizations.   Typically, copiers are leased and have a per page service agreement on it through the copier dealer.  In a traditional print environment, the printers are purchased and not leased.  Also in a traditional print environment, a customer purchases a toner cartridge and either replaces or repairs the printer as needed with no service agreement.

This setup can sometimes create confusion for employees as they see each as a similar device since it still only produces a printed page.  For example, when a service call is needed, users may not be aware these are handled differently and call the copier company to repair the multi-function printer or call the printer repair company to repair the copier or they may order supplies from the copier company for the printers or order copier supplies from the toner vendor.  This usually results in a company incurring a higher cost for supplies than anticipated and budgets being exceeded.

When your standalone and multi-function printers are covered under a Managed Print Service program through Flex Imaging, you are immediately eligible to enroll in our Fleet Management Solution.  Under this program, we become the single point of contact for your users for all service and supplies.  We leverage our monitoring technology to track the copiers in addition to the printers and this allows us receive service and supply alerts for these machines.

When we are notified, either by our monitoring technology or by a user on a device, we will place the supply or service order with the correct vendor.

We charge a very minimal fee for this service, but this provides you with a substantial savings in erroneous orders to the wrong vendor and also convenience to your users.

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