Increase Print Security, Strengthen Compliance and Reduce Risk

HP Imaging and Print Security Center is the industry’s first policy-based compliance solution for your printing and imaging devices. It enables effective security monitoring, management and can achieve baseline security—no security expertise required.

Does your company continuously create confidential, valuable data that is crucial to running your business? From proprietary data to financial records to security risks, the requirements are rising. Today, organizations are using multiple security methods—including authentication, encryption, and monitoring—to control access to buildings and to protect data on networks, PCs, and servers. However, imaging and printing environments are often overlooked and left unprotected. The security exposure and associated costs can be high, whether it is unattended documents on a printer, sensitive data processing from the computer to the device, or confidential information on device hard drives.

Gain control of your fleet with HP’s Imaging and Print Security Center, which enables an effective, policy-based approach to securing HP enterprise imaging and printing devices.  Print administrators and corporate security officers can streamline processes to securely deploy and monitor by applying a single security policy across your fleet.  HP’s Imaging and Print Security Center also makes it easy to secure new HP devices as soon as they are added to your network with HP Instant-on Security.  Actively maintain and verify compliance with your defined security policies by using HP’s Imaging and Print Security Center automated monitoring and risk based reporting.

An industry first in security management*


  • Streamline deployment and monitoring by applying a single policy across your fleet
  • Apply an effective, policy-based approach to securing HP printing and imaging devices
  • Get a reliable and scalable solution
  • Implement easily—no security expertise required

Proactive compliance and reduced risk

  • Reduce risk with risk-based fleet reporting
  • Maintain ongoing compliance with automated monitoring
  • An industry first in security management
  • Respond to evolving compliance standards using the policy editor


Easy deployment, management, and maintenance

  • Increase the security of your HP devices immediately with HP Instant-on Security.**
  • Help ensure your fleet is secure with the HP Best Practices Base Policy.***
  • Maximize your existing investments with a solution that supports a broad range of HP enterprise networked devices.

How does it work?

HP Imaging and Print Security Center features a simple, intuitive process for securing your fleet. Many routine steps can be automated, freeing your IT staff so they can focus their duties elsewhere.


HP Imaging and Print Security Center includes policy creation and editing features that make it easy to apply corporate security policies across your entire fleet of HP imaging and printing devices.  You can connect your printers manually within the solution by inputting either a valid IP address or a hostname of the device, or if you prefer, you can input a large number of devices by importing them with a .txt or .xml file from HP Web Jetadmin.  You can also increase the security as soon as it is added to your network without any intervention using HP Instant-on Security.