Managed Print Services

Retail Solutions

In order to help our retail based clients, we work with them building specific programs that match their current operational needs.  We understand that not all businesses operate the same way which is why we take a flexible approach for these types of larger opportunities.  We understand that our retail partners have to support many stores, in most cases, and downtime can be detrimental.  That is why we focus on solutions that can improve their response times to their stores and our Managed Print Services program is a great way to control unforeseen circumstances.  Since we monitor print devices in real-time we can send supplies when needed before they run out.   We can also respond to service issues quickly and in some events solve the issues over the phone.  This proactive approach allows the technical teams to focus on keeping their systems such as their POS systems up and running.  Even if your structure does not utilize networked print devices, Flex Imaging can still offer unique solutions to manage your local print devices.  Please contact us today and find out how we can help make you print environment more efficient!