On the surface, Managed Print Services would appear to consist of replacing toner cartridges and repairing broken print devices.  That is only part of what and effective Managed Print Services solution provides.  Our program breaks down and addresses every aspect of print costs.  A Flex Imaging program consts of all of the following:

  • elimination of inventory carrying costs to an outsourced Help Desk approach
  • assisting an IT department in effectively managing it’s print device population
  • an increased efficiency to the end-user due to increased print device uptime
  • proactive preventative maintenance associated with reducing current print repair costs
  • and ultimately, extending the useful life of a company’s print device assets

An effective Managed Print Service solution gives a company the tools it needs to properly balance its print environment and meet its print needs as a whole.   If properly deployed, an effective Managed Print Service can save a company more money in reduced operational overhead, increasing efficiencies, as well as identifying abuses of print within a company.  By billing print costs back to each cost center or department that generated the print, a company gains control and accountability over all aspects of print expenditures.