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    6 Things You Need to Look for When Hiring a Printer Repair Technician

6 Things You Need to Look for When Hiring a Printer Repair Technician

Do you know what to look for when hiring a printer repair technician?
So your office printer is on the fritz again and you or your IT department don’t know what else to do to resolve the issue(s) your laser printer is having.  You have tried the “go-to” problem resolving tactics of turning your laser […]

Is Your Printer a Jam Master?

We’ve all been there, you need to print a document and for whatever reason, your printer is NOT cooperating.  Here are some tips you should keep handy or perhaps memorize to keep your printer from being a jam master.
Prevent Printer Jams

Use only paper that meets your printer’s specifications for this product.
Use paper that is […]

Ten Ways To Get Toner or Ink Off Your Hands

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It’s midnight, you’re working on a project for work or school and while you are changing your printer cartridge it spills. It’s all over you. You’re filled with panic! What are you going to do? If you have ever had to change a toner or ink cartridge, […]

The Laser Printer Explained

Most people print their letters, term papers, reports, etc… and don’t give a second thought to how their printer works.  All they care is that their printer works when they want it to work and that the final product is crisp and clean and professional looking.  That’s most people… there are a few, however […]

How to Remove Ink and Toner from Clothes

If you’ve ever had to change printer cartridges, chances are you’ve spilled toner or ink on yourself or your clothing.  When this happens there’s that sense of panic that sweeps over you.  What are you going to do now?  Did you ruin your clothes? Are you going to be able to get this stuff off?  Here […]

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