Welcome to Flex Imaging Managed Print Services customer information site for Cbeyond Communications. Cbeyond has partnered with Flex Imaging to manage the printing and copying devices for Cbeyond.  As a benefit of this partnership, Cbeyond will have a single point of contact for all of the printers and copiers for ordering of supplies and service.  Additionally, Flex Imaging will be remotely monitoring these devices and automatically fulfilling orders and service needs from alerts that are provided by these devices.  Please browse through this site to discover more about how this exciting new partnership works.

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How It Works


Supply Orders for Copiers, Printers, and MFP devices
Toner will be auto-ordered for almost all of CBeyond’s printers, copiers, and multifunction devices.  Toner levels in the printers, copiers, and multifunction devices will be monitored remotely through the network.  When the units reach a low toner threshold, a replacement cartridge will automatically be shipped for that unit.

  1.  In branch offices, the replacement toner will be shipped directly to the branch admin.  If you require toner and it has not arrived for the unit you are using, you should submit a request ticket at http://help.cbeyond.net. When submitting a ticket, please make sure to reference the Flex number on the front or side of the device
  2. At corporate, the replacement toner will be shipped to the print shop.  If the device you are using is out of toner, you should submit a request ticket at http://help.cbeyond.net.  When submitting a ticket, please make sure to reference the Flex number on the front or side of the device. Toner will either be brought to you or you may arrange to pick up this toner at the print shop.
Service Calls and Repair
For break/fix service issues for all CBeyond copier, MFD and printers, please contact the helpdesk by submitting a ticket at http://help.cbeyond.net.  When submitting a ticket, please make sure to reference the Flex number on the front or side of the device.  In the event that a device is experiencing an issue, upon notification of our monitoring system, we will dispatch a service technician to the device.  Please keep in mind that we will not be able to detect noises or image quality issues with their remote monitoring service.  If you notice these types of issues, please submit a help desk ticket.

So that your issue can be quickly and accurately resolved, when submitting a ticket for repair, please provide the following information:

  • Make and model
  • Flex Imaging tag number
  • Physical location of device (location or address and detail location within the facility)
  • Primary local contact information (name, phone and email) and alternative local contact information (name, phone and email)
  • Detailed description of issue (making noise, printing streak down left side of page, error code, etc)
Spoiler title
Our remote monitoring tools allow us to monitor your network connected devices real time.  This enables us to act proactively to issues and needs.  The monitoring application alerts us to several different types of issues and each issue category requires different processing and management.
Low Toner/Supply Ticket:
Order is processed and shipped same day as long as alert is received prior to 2:00 PM EST. In the event that the supply alert requires a service call to replace the supplies, we will dispatch that call to a local technician within one hour of receipt of the alert.
Service Error Alerts:
Service error alerts can consist of but are not limited to: Fuser Error, Perform User Maintenance, Jamming, Low Memory, Unrecognized Errors, etc. If it is determined that the issue requires a technician immediately, we will dispatch the call to a local a technician.  If parts are required, we will notify the local technician and will ship the part.  Depending on your location, the shipping process may vary.

    • For Corporate & Atlanta Branch

Parts will be shipped directly to Flex Imaging technician.  Once the technician receives the part, he/she will arrive on site to install the part.

    • For other Branch Offices

Parts will be shipped directly to the Branch Admin contact.  We will notify the branch admin that a part is being shipped and provide the tracking number once available.  We will monitor the shipping and once we have confirmed that the part has been delivered, we will notify the local technician who will then arrive on site to install the part.

Issues that do not require an onsite technician immediately and require further monitoring are paper jams, and low memory alerts. In the event that this type of alert is received, our Client Operation Center will closely monitor this alert to see if it clears itself for no more than 4 hours. In the event the alert does not clear, we will contact a key user at the location to confirm if this is a continuing issue that requires a tech or if it is a user interface issue. (i.e.User loaded paper wrong, user sent extremely large job, etc)

Non-traceable issues:
Issues that cannot be received through monitoring include but are not limited to: noise, image quality issues, and sometimes paper handling issues. These issues should be submitted to us as quickly as possible so that we can work to get a resolution as quickly as possible
Cut Off Times
Cut off times for service notification may vary based on the market and/or service type. Our normal cutoff times for guaranteed same day shipping and service call dispatching is 2:00 EST. Depending on your Time Zone, we can sometimes accommodate later cutoff times.


Contact Us

If you are having any issues, please create a helpdesk request at http://help.cbeyond.net.

For questions about this new method of management of Cbeyond’s printers, MFDs and Copiers, please contact:

Scott Hunter

Dakota Smith

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