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Managed Print Service: Connecticut

Paper jams! Messy printer toners cartridges! Printers not printing! Do these frustrations sound familiar? Would you like to eliminate these headaches from your daily routine? Managed Print Services is the answer.  If you’ve heard of Managed Print Services and thought this to be too expensive, or too complicated, contact a Flex Imaging managed print service expert so they can explain how our service does not require a long term contract like many of our competitors.   Why put up with these issues when you don’t have to?  Managed Print Services can eliminate stress, save you time and money.

You don’t have to worry about a long term contract or hidden fees with Flex Imaging’s Managed Print Service program.  There is NO CONTRACT!  All you do is pay a monthly fee.  We keep track of your toner supply, update your printer software, and much more.

Flex Imaging has been in business 30 years and has formed relationships with the vendors in Connecticut below. We know these companies are reputable, do good work, and stand behind the work they do.  That’s why they are part of the proprietary Flex National Service Network.

Want more information or if you don’t find a location near you?  Give us a call we are always expanding!


Best Managed Print Services ConnecticutCandlewood Business Systems, LL | Cheshire, CT
Advanced Office Systems | Cromwell, CT
EmaginTek Solutions, LLC | East Hartford, CT