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flex imaging national service network corporate computers incHow many printers does your company have? How many hours do you spend ordering toner, printer supplies, or dealing with costly printer repairs? How many hours have your printers been down in the past week, six months, or year? Are you confident someone within your organization has the time and expertise to handle complicated printer issues? Most companies are working on significant technological and business process actions, but printing does not have any significant importance because the perception is that things are fine.   You have to ask yourself the hard question… are they really okay?  If you added up the hours of your salary or the person responsible, what would that cost be?  

This is where you would sit with a  Managed Print Services expert from Flex Imaging, so we could  break down the details of  the pros and cons, the cost savings, etc. of how managed print services could benefit your company.  Corporate Computers, Inc. is part of Flex Imaging’s proprietary National  Service Network and has expert certified technicians in your area that can support your printer issues.    

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Service Techs

Jim Toms
Jim TomsService Manager
 is the service manager of the company and has been so nearly from Corporate Computer’s inception. His excellent managing skills help our operations run smoothly and efficiently .He has over 20 years of experience in the computer and printer repair business. 
Tony Perez
Tony PerezInhouse Technician
He first became A+ Certified in 1995. He has been with Corporate Computers since july 1999. Tony specializes in desktop and laptop repair. Both hardware and software.Tony is our tech in charge of assisting customers who call our office, in scheduling service calls and dispatching our field technicians.  
Yoni Gross
Yoni GrossField Technician
A+ Certified, he has many years of experience in computer maintenance. Yoni’s expertise range from networks, to printers, to iphones and droids. His specialty is the interaction between computers, tablets and mobile devices. 
Steve Soep
Steve SoepField Technician
Steve started working on computers in the late 80s when computers ran DOS before Windows came into being. Steve has had a varied career in the technical arena and has always enjoyed working with complex technical equipment.

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