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Managed Print Service:  Utah

Have you ever worked for hours on that perfect report only to not be able to print it because of a defective  printer driver or paper jam that wedged itself in so deep you couldn’t get it out?  Or perhaps you were not able to print it because you ran out of toner in the middle of the print job or the stock of toner you had in the cabinet went bad because you purchased it so long ago?  If this has ever happened to you, these are some examples of why you might need a Managed Print Service.

With a Managed Print Services company like Flex Imaging, our proprietary software lets us know when toner is low, or when a printer needs service.  Our technicians come out an give routine maintenance to your print devices to keep your machines up and running because we don’t want your machines to break down. There’s no contract, no hidden fees, just great service.

Flex Imaging has been in business 30 years and has formed relationships with the vendor in Utah below. We know this company is reputable, does good work, and will stand behind the work they do.  That’s why they are part of the proprietary Flex National Service Network.

Want more information or if you don’t find a location near you?  Give us a call we are always expanding!  What have you got to lose?


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