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Managed Print Services:  Wisconsin

Are you tired of the frustrations of printer jams, having to keep too much toner in stock or your printer not printing for one reason or another? Let Flex Imaging handle your printer needs with Managed Print Services.  Just click on the contact button below and have an expert Managed Print Service provider at Flex Imaging contact you about our month-to-month program.  There’s no contract, no hidden fees, just great service.  Whether you need toner, printer maintenance or repair, we can serve your needs.

Flex Imaging has been in business 30 years and has formed relationships with the vendors in Wisconsin below. We know these companies are reputable, do good work, and stand behind the work they do.  That’s why they are part of the proprietary Flex National Service Network.

Want more information or if you don’t find a location near you?  Give us a call we are always expanding!


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