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Welcome to the Papa John’s Resource Site.   Papa John’s has partnered with Flex Imaging to provide earth friendly and cost effective quality remanufactured products.  These products have been tested by Papa John’s to insure the performance of these products.  Flex Imaging has made a commitment to donate a portion of every cartridge sold to Papa John’s back to one of Papa John’s philanthropies.  To-Date, Flex Imaging has donated $1010.50 back to the Papa John’s Philanthropy “Papa John’s Emergency Relief Fund” and $1010.50 to Papa John’s Philanthropy “Papa John’s Disaster Relief Fund”.   Please help show your support and contact Flex Imaging to help you with your toner cartridge needs.


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Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact of using Flex Re-manufactured Cartridges.

In 12 Months, Papa Johns purchased 2,021 cartridges.  The following information represents the impact and environmental savings that Papa Johns has contributed to just by using Flex Re-manufactured cartridges.  The results are based on industry averages and statistics.

    • 7,276 Quarts of Oil will be saved every 12 months just by Papa Johns using using Flex Re-manufactured Cartridges!
    • 8,817.81 lbs of Solid waste will not go into landfills over a 12 month period just by your organization using Flex re-manufactured Cartridges.
    • 2,043,381.80 Cubic Inches of Solid waste will not go into landfills over a 12 month period just by your organization using Flex Re-manufactured Cartridges.

Quarts of Oil SAVED Every 12 Mo. by Papa Johns by using Flex Reman Cart.


Pounds of Solid Waste Not Going Into Landfills Over a 12 Mo. Period by Papa Johns by Using Flex Reman Cart.


Cubic Inches of Solid Waste Not Going Into Landfills Over a 12 Mo Period by PapaJohns by Using Flex Reman Cart.
























The information contained here is provided to help you better understand what information is needed when contacting us.  This will allow us to better serve you quickly and more efficiently.

I need to place an order, what do I do?
To place an order online go to the home page and enter your username and password. Your username is your email address and your password has been temporarily set to papaj. If you do not have an account or would like to set up an account, please contact your dedicated account manager David Asencio via e-mail at  or via phone at (800) 476-6544 x.115.
I have an empty cartridge, what should I do with it?
Answer: In each toner box you will find a prepaid return label. This label may be either FedEx or UPS.  Simply put your empty toner cartridge back in and stick the label to the box. Call the appropriate carriers 1-800 number on the label and then FedEx or UPS will come and pick up your empties. If you need additional labels please email David Asencio at and he will be happy to mail you additional labels.
I have a bad cartridge, now what?
Answer: If for some reason you have a problem with one of our cartridges and believe it may be defective, please call or email your account manager to enter a replacement order which will be sent out immediately. Additionally your account representative will issue a credit for the problematic cartridge.  This process will insure we are aware of any faulty products our customer base has received as well as insure your credit is posted properly to your account.

*Please note: If your Dell 1700 or Dell 1720 printer is streaking, please note that the drum unit may need to be replaced.  It is recommended that you replace the drum unit be replaced every two to three cartridges to maintain consistent quality and avoid streaking.

Cut Off Times
Cut off times for service notification may vary based on the market and/or service type. Our normal cutoff times for guaranteed same day shipping and service call dispatching is 2:00 EST. Depending on your Time Zone, we can sometimes accommodate later cutoff times.