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Welcome to the Swett & Crawford Customer Site. Swett & Crawford has partnered with Flex Imaging to provide earth friendly and cost effective quality compatible products.   We pride ourselves in providing our customers the highest level of customer service and quality products. From this site you will be able to create your own personal account and place your orders.

Looking for Pricing and other information? 
Swett & Crawford and Flex Imaging have negotiated special discount pricing exclusive for Swett & Crawford.  In order to access this special pricing, you will need to create an account profile by clicking on the Client Login button below.

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How It Works

Flex Imaging offers a Free Service plan when Purchasing Flex Imaging products.  What does that mean?

  1. You will receive free service on your printer should your toner begin to leak, streak or cause poor print quality.
  2. If in the extremely rare case a toner damages the printer, Flex imaging absorbs any and all expenses associated with fixing your printer.
  3. Free next day replacement.
I need to place an order, what do I do?
To place an order online go to the home page and enter your username and password. Your username is your email address and your password should be at least six alpha numeric characters. If you do not have an account or would like to set up an account, please contact your dedicated account executive David Asencio via e-mail at dasencio@fleximaging.com or via phone at 678.841.2115.
I have a bad cartridge, now what?
If for some reason you have a problem with one of our cartridges and believe it may be defective, please call or email your account executive to enter a replacement order which will be sent out immediately. Additionally your account representative will issue a credit for the problematic cartridge. This process will insure we are aware of any faulty products our customer base has received as well as insure your credit is posted properly to your account.
Spoiler title
Answer: Below you will find Flex Imaging’s Part numbers, the description and the page yields.  Our special discount pricing exclusive to Swett and Crawford users can be located within ZeeNet.

RQ2612HY HP 1012, 1022, 1020, 3015, 3050 3,000 Yield
RQ2612AMICR HP 1012, 1022, 1020, 3015, 3050 3,000 Yield
RQ2613X HP 1300 4,000 Yield
RQ2613XMICR HP 1300 4,000 Yield
RQ5949A HP 1160/1320/3390 2,500 Yield
RQ5949AMICR HP 1160/1320/3390 2,500 Yield
RQ5949X HP 1320 6,000 Yield
RQ5949XMICR HP 1320 6,000 Yield
RCB435A HP p1005, p1006 1,500 Yield
RCB435AMICR HP p1005, p1006 1,500 Yield
RCE505A HP 2035/2055 2,300 Yield
RCE505AMICR HP 2035/2055 2,300 Yield
RCE505X HP 2055 6,500 Yield
RCE505XMICR HP 2055 6,500 Yield
RQ7553X HP p2015 7,000 Yield
RQ7553XMICR HP p2015 7,000 Yield
RQ6511XWP HP 2420/2430 12,000 Yield
RQ6511XMICR HP 2400/2420/2430 12,000 Yield
RQ2610A HP 2300 6,000 Yield
RQ2610AMICR HP 2300 6,000 Yield
RC4127X HP 4000/4050 10,000 Yield
RC4127XMICR HP 4000/4050 10,000 Yield

***If you have a printer or fax machine not listed please email dasencio@fleximaging.com to have your printer or fax machine added to this list.

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For all inquiries or issues, please contact:

David Asencio
Flex Imaging
Phone: 800.476.6544 ext. 108; Direct: 678.841.2115
Fax: 770.591.1404
Customer Care: 888.492.6349
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