Actually, Managed Print Service become more cost effective over time. If you think about the dynamics for a moment, you discover some overwhelming support for this. First, cost-per-page rates are determined and budgeted based on historical data. Flex Imaging’s Managed Print Service is designed not to replace aging devices, but to keep them running for as long as possible. Like a used car, as print devices age, repair costs go up. They rise to a level where it is deemed more cost effective to replace a device as opposed to repairing it. You replace a device with a newer one in hopes of ending the escalating repair costs associated with the replaced device. But isn’t that a cost of repairs in itself, just one that is now capitalized as a depreciable asset? And doesn’t that new device begin to age and require more and more repairs over time? These repairs could begin early in the life of the new print device. That’s the beauty of Flex Imaging’s program. It locks in a cost-per-page rate based on historical data. From that point on, Flex Imaging becomes responsible for maintaining the operational performance and readiness of all covered equipment. Print costs for the first time become fixed and easily budgeted.