Each time a toner cartridge is requested or a service call or a repair order is needed, a series of events take place.

• the user requisitions from purchasing
• purchasing writes up an order
• management approves the order
• the order is sent off to the vendor
• the vendor sends a bill to accounting
• accounting verifies the bill
• the user or purchaser approves the bill
• a check is written
• the check is signed
• the check is mailed

Every time a call is necessary, these events take place. That takes time, from clerical to management, from computer to paper, as well as numerous hours of down time. Transaction costs have been documented as low as $50 and as high as $175 per transaction. With Flex Imaging, transaction costs and its associated paper trail are virtually eliminated. We submit one invoice per month which summarizes all pages printed by print device, department and/or cost center. For this reason, accounting departments embrace the operational efficiency of this program.